Job Seekers

Knowing when to make an engineering career move at the right time can be a daunting challenge.

Whether you are actively or passively looking, let’s explore the possibilities on a confidential basis.

Moontide Staffing, LLC has over 25 years of direct experience helping candidates make impact career moves regardless of the marketplace. We have been advising candidates since the forefront of the Dot-Com era, persevered through the financial/housing crisis, and continue to thrive in a pandemic.

Reasons to Consider a Move:

  • No path to promotion
  • Revolving management at current job
  • Things are stale – it’s just time
  • False Promises
  • No pay raises / escalating health insurance
  • Company Relocation
  • Rumblings of Layoffs
  • Long Commute
  • Family Relocation